• Great Ideas in Engineering

Engineering is all about ideas. May it be an idea to light up the whole world through the light bulb by Edison or to realize the ages old dream of flight through the plane by the Wright brothers. Now it is your turn to think, build and change. Experience the fundamentals of engineering with our hands on approach using our custom designed kit. This enables students to carry on their experimentation on Robotics and microcontrollers even after completion of a course.

  • Advanced Ideas in Engineering

Take the next step towards automation by working with humanoid kits. Investigate ideas from machine learning and artificial intelligence to mimic nature and integrate them in your creations. Develop your design process and push the boundaries of what is possible.

  • Engineering a Better World

Take your ideas and lessons learnt from science and technology to propose and develop your plan for a cost-effective smart city solution. Perhaps you need data science to guide your social development project or the internet of things to connect your stakeholders with valuable information. Explore the possibilities by making citizen science a way of life.