• Number Ninja

Welcome to the fascinating world of rapid calculations. Most people never get a chance to really know numbers because they stumble at the building blocks of calculation. The fear accumulates over the years and one never gets to appreciate the true beauty of mathematics. We develop your confidence in your math skills. Watch your anxiety and fear of numbers disappear. This engaging program helps in boosting confidence, developing critical and analytical skills, increases memory retention, attention span and enables you to perform super fast calculations.

  • Math Magic

Appreciate how there is much more to mathematics than just quick calculation. While you work on refining your rapid calculation skills, also work on getting to know numbers better by getting acquainted with the approximate method. A step towards becoming a “mathemagician.”

  • Exploring the Infinity

Can you name the biggest number? What about the set of all sets that are not members of themselves? How does math, art and science grapple with the infinite?