1. Journey into the Unknown

Science is about explanation. We are exposed to different scientific theories in school that attempt to explain phenomena occurring in nature. With each new theory we gain ability to explain new stuff; but what about stuff that science cannot explain at the moment. Learn what scientists do for a living — from attempts to build a quantum computer that may use ‘spooky action at a distance’ to curing all disease and more. Buckle in and relax as we make our way through the uncharted wild frontiers of science.

  1. The Science of Science Fiction

Is time travel in ‘Terminator’ possible? Could we be living in a computer simulation like ‘The Matrix’? Can we travel faster than speed of light through worm holes like in Star Trek or Interstellar? What would it take to make your own light sabre from Star Wars? Find the answers to the above questions and all your ‘What if…’ questions as we explore fiction to determine the boundaries of science.

  1. Philosophy of Science

Why and how does science work? What qualifies as science and what does not? Learn the boundaries that determine whether a line of inquiry if science or pseudo-science.