1. Building a Virtual World 

You just cannot keep up with the pace of how technology changes every day. Where have you heard that before? See why this common misconception is wrong as we teach you the fundamentals of teaching your dog, err… sorry, teaching your computer new tricks. Never worry about having to learn that new tech, because you’ll know all you need to in order to learn in on your own. From app development to making your game, building a website and more. You will know the process through which you can set the rules of your own virtual world.

  1. How to Design a Computer

Learn what goes on under the hood when you teach your computer to do new tricks. Starting from little packets of 0s and 1s we build our way up to a fully functional computer learning all the cool software technology that works in the background to make our modern world possible.

  1. Hacking the System

You learnt how to teach them new tricks and you learnt how to build them from scratch. Now learn how to take them apart.